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Battery Monitoring System Type M3749

The battery monitoring system is used to permanently monitor fixed installed USV batteries. The instrument monitors the attached battery while it records constantly the battery’s parameters to the plugged USB-stick. When needed, the stick can be removed any time to evaluate the current and past battery state.

  • 60 Cells per instrument (max 160V)
  • U/I ripple monitoring
  • Charge-Discharge current monitoring
  • Continuous measurement of individual cell impedance
  • 3 potential free alarm contacts
  • PT100 Temperature monitoring
  • USB logger
  • RS485 Modbus RTU für PLS, PC's

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Alarm unit type M Mostec min

Alarm unit type M3118

The alarm unit M3118 is used to check or control any type of signal current or voltage. It converts the input signal to an internal standard signal of for example 0 to 100.0%. The 4-digit measuring value, as well as the status of the alarm contacts, is shown on an easy to read LCD-Display.

  • 2 alarm contacts
  • input: voltage & current or temperature, special conversions
  • LCD display, 15mm, color adjustable
  • programmable
  • modbus (optional)
  • USB - logger (optional)
  • optical alarm contact

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Threshold converter type M Mostec Alarm unit d min

Threshold converter type M2218

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