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Conductivity meter with USB logger type M3036

  • Conductivity meter for 0 ... 20/200/2000/20000/200000uS
  • USB data logger
  • Galvanically separated sensor cirquit
  • Galvanically separated signal output. free configurable between 0 and 20mA.
  • Precision 3-wire PT100 temperature input
  • Up to 5 limit contacts
  • Universal power supply: All voltages between 20VAC/DC and 253VAC/DC possible
  • Flush mounting 96x96mm
Operating Instructions
Data Sheet

Product Details: Conductivity meter with USB logger type M3036

The M3036 conductivity meter is suitable for water, waste water or pure water conditioning in continuous or batch-type operating modes, to control concentration in cooling towers or for general chemical process monitoring.

The actual measuring value, the temperature and the status of the instrument is continuously displayed. 4 LED lamps display the status of the limit contacts, temperature sensor and alarm contacts.

All settings are conveniently set by the user friendly menu.
Important settings can be made directly on the main screen without entering the setup menu. The settings can be protected by a code, so that unwanted changes of the setup data are avoided.

The instrument comes with a galvanically separated wide range power supply that accepts supply voltages between 20VAC/DC and 253VAC/DC. To be fully functional a conductivity probe is needed only.

The temperature compensation can be made manually or with an external Pt-100 temperature sensor built in the conductivity probe. A broken wire of the temperature probe leads to an alarm.

The measuring values can be automatically logged to a standard USB-stick.

The instrument as a programmable signal output, which can be defined between 0 …20mA.

Standard conductivity sensors (with cell constants of 0.01, 0.1, 1.0 and 10.0) cover a measuring range of 55nS to 200mS ab. The cable capacity is continuously compensated so that the cable length is not a problem even with large cable lengths.