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Miniature LED digital display type M2029

  • small dimensions 48x24x75mm (BxHxT)
  • Input: 0/4...20mA, 0...10V, special conversions
  • 4 digit LED display, 10mm
  • programmable by computer (with Mostec programming adapter)
  • with/without alarm contacts
  • buttons to change the alarm contacts
  • power supply 24VAC or DC, isolated
  • flush mounting
Operating Instructions
Data Sheet
Configuration software

Product Details: Miniature LED digital display type M2029

The M2029-A and M2029-AR are panel mounted display units to display physical units as: pressure, weight, RPM, temperature, voltage, current, %, ppM etc. Input signals are voltages or currents. An isolating switching power supply is used to galvanically isolate between supply and signal. Two optional, floating alarm contacts for heavy loads are available.
The small outlines, W x H x D of 48 x 24 x 75mm makes the instrument useful on highly populated panels.
A 4-digit LED display shows the actual value and setpoints or alarm values in the range of -1999 to 9999 units.
All settings as alarm values, hysteresis, range and operating mode of the floating contacts can be made with a link cable, connected to a personal computer or a laptop.
Both alarm contacts can also be programmed with two tiny push button switches behind the front panel.

The pressure is measured in a process vessel by means of a pressure transducer with an output signal of 4...20mA corresponding to a pressure of 1...10bar.
The pressure is displayed in the form of 1.00...10.00bar. One of the two alarm contacts is set at 7.00bar to signal high pressure to the process computer.