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Load cell for weight and force measurement type M2428

  • for weight and force measurement 100...100'000kg
  • output 4...20mA, 2-wire techniques
  • 24VDC Power Supply
  • programmable
  • other types
Data Sheet
Manual Mpro
Manual Programming Adapter
Software to configure and program the M2428 series.
USB Driver for M2428 Data Interface

Product Details: Load cell for weight and force measurement type M2428

M2428 is a low-cost load cell (balance, scale, weighing device) to measure weights or forces in the range of 100kg (~1'000N) to 100'000kg (~1'000'000N).

Mostec specializes in developing and producing customer specific cells for vessels and a variety of other, more general industrial use; as well as various standard load cells. All Mostec cells are manufactured in-house. Our way of construction allows production of small batches.

A load cell consists of a hydraulic cylinder, a ceramic strain gage sensor or a strain gage bonded to a spring element with integrated electronics to convert the force or weight to a 4…20mA signal. There is no need to use external, sensitive strain gage amplifiers or signal conditioning devices. A cell connects directly to any 2-wire sensor input of process control computers or other control equipment and displays.

All cells are available in various, customer specified materials, they are waterproof and need an ordinary 3-pole, 16mm valve plug or open cable ends.

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