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Inductive Conductivity meter type M2436si-PEEK

  • direct pipe installation, +/-180º turnable
  • two line LCD display
  • temperature compensation to 130ºC
  • measurement range: 0...20mS to 0...20S
  • 2 current output: for conductivity and temperature
  • 2 limit contacts
  • power supply 24VAC or DC, galvanically isolated
  • stainless steel case
  • externally configurable measuring range
  • programmable
  • qualified for food industry / sterilizable cells
  • CIP-/ SIP-Cleaning
Operating Instructions

Product Details: Inductive Conductivity meter type M2436si-PEEK

The M2436si Inductive conductivity meter is mounted in a +/-180° turnable, water resistant, stainless steel case. It measures the ohmic resistance of the liquid, without any electric contact to the measuring system. Because no metallic parts are involved, the cell has no polarisation. The liquid is in contact only with plastic parts, therefore the sensor is insensitive to fouling and encrusting. It can be cleaned mechanically, e.g. with a brush. The cell is directly attached to the M2436si.

The Inductive conductivity meter is suitable for water, waste water or ultrapure water conditioning in continuous or batchtype operating modes, for liquid chromatography or for general chemical process monitoring.
Temperature coefficient of the cell is compensated either manually or automatically by a Pt-100 platinum probe within the range of 0°C to 130°C.

For sterilization, the cell may be heated up to 140ºC until 30 minutes. The cell can’t measure conductivity during this time.

The 8x2 LCD character display shows the currently measured conductivity and the process temperature.

These values are available at two galvanic isolated outputs of 0...20mA, 4...20mA or 0...10VDC.

Optionally, all measuring ranges are externally selectable with digital control wires during the measurement process. Two isolated, free limit contacts are also optionally available to control valves or other control elements.

The M2436 is powered by either 24VAC or DC.

Supply lines and all other lines, either from or to the conductivity meter, are protected by internal noise filters against HF-noise. A cable of either 2m or 5m is used to connect the M2436si signals and power supply.