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Conductivity transmitter type M2817

  • direct pipe installation
  • measurement range: 0...20µS to 0...700µS
  • power supply 24VAC or DC, galvanically isolated
  • 4...20mA current output, galvanically isolated
  • polypropylene case
  • qualified for food industry / sterilizable cells
  • optional: temperature compensation to 80ºC
Data Sheet

Product Details: Conductivity transmitter type M2817

The M2817 conductivity transmitter is packed in a polypropylene case. Different conductivity electrodes in stainless steel and graphite are available.

The conductivity transmitter is suitable for water, waste water or ultrapure water conditioning in continuous or batch-type operating modes, for liquid chromatography or for general chemical process monitoring.

An optional temperature compensation up to 80ºC is available. This can be made with a factory programmed value or with a temperature sensor assembled in the cell.

The measure signal is available as a galvanic isolated output of 0...20mA, 4...20mA or 0..10V DC.

The M2817 can be supplied by either 24VAC or DC. The power supply is galvanically isolated to the electrodes and output signal.

Supply lines and all other lines, either from or to the conductivity transmitter, are protected by internal noise limiters against HF-noise.

A cable of either 2m or 5m is used to connect the M2817.