Isolating amplifier without supply type M2931

  • passive isolating 1:1
  • up to 4 separate isolating amplifiers
  • range 0...27mA
  • 17.5mm small case
Data Sheet
Product Details

This "snap-on" interface module utilize isolating amplifier channels to galvanically isolate DC current signals without a power supply.

The input current signal can be in the range of 0...27mA. This DC signal is converted to an AC signal, transformed 1:1 to the secondary, rectified and ripple rejected by a filter, thus restoring the original DC current signal.
The small 17.5mm case contains up to 4 separate isolating amplifiers.
The output can be on a common mode voltage or on different ground and may feed remote displays, recorders, PLC’s analog input, computers and data loggers.

Heating, air conditioning, signal isolation, data logging applications etc.