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Multifunctional isolating amplifier type M3042

  • 0/4...20mA, 0...10V, temperature, frequency, special conversions
  • On site reprogrammable with a labtop
  • power supply 20...253VAC or DC, galvanically isolated
  • Slim 17mm housing
  • Din rail mounting
Data Sheet
Software to configure and program the M3042 series.

Product Details: Multifunctional isolating amplifier type M3042

This multifunctional isolation amplifier and line conditioner interfaces and/or converts an analog process signal for computers and industrial control equipment such as PLC´s, PC's or any other control equipment. Isolating amplifiers are also used used to avoid interference signals caused by  earth ground-loops. Also the unwanted connection between the PLC to protective earth is no longer a problem source. The M3042 has also the possibility to feed loop powered transmitters directly without the need of an external power supply. Most common is the conversion of any input signal to a standard output signal.

Convert and isolate a process signal of 25.5V to 78.2V non linear voltage signal to a linearized 4 ... 20mA standard signal,which is connected to a measurement equipment. Of course there is no galvanic connection between the input /output / power supply.

An additional application is to extract and isolate the measuring signal out of 2-wire transmitter's power supply. Input, output and supply are isolated against each other.

Signal inputs: DC/AC voltage, DC/AC current, frequency and platinum /nickel sensors.
Signal outputs: DC Volt, DC current and RS485 Modbus RTU.

The amplifier is field programmable by means of a USB data cable connected to a Laptop. The set-up software Mpro is free of charge and is distributed via MOSTEC AG. The range of the isolator can be ordered factory programmed, free of charge. In this case all the labels are printed with the programmed range by MOSTEC AG.

The power supply is galvanically isolated from input and output and the voltage range of the supply is from 20 to 253VAC/DC.