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Conductivity meter / controller type M3136

  • 2 alarm contacts
  • temperature compensation to 120ºC
  • commercially available conductivity cells with K-Factor 0.01, 0.1, 1.0 and 10 usable
  • 4 digit LCD display, 15mm, color adjustable, optional: 5 digit
  • programmable current or voltage output (optional), switchable for conductivity or temperature
  • buttons to change the alarm contacts
  • universal supply 20...253VAC or DC, galvanic isolated
  • modbus (optional)
  • USB - logger (optional)
  • optical alarm contact
  • rail mounting 35mm
Operating Instructions
Data Sheet
Modbus user guide
Mpro configuration software

Product Details: Conductivity meter / controller type M3136

The M3136 conductivity meter is suitable for water, waste water or pure water conditioning in continuous or batch-type operating modes, for liquid chromatography or for general chemical process monitoring.

Temperature coefficient of the cell is compensated either manually or automatically by an external Pt-100 platinum probe within the range of 0°C to 120°C.

Commercially available conductivity cells -K-factor 0.01, 0.1 and 1.0 cover a dynamic range from 0.01µS to 20mS full scale. An internal synchronous rectifier eliminates the capacitive error currents induced by the cell cable.

Optionally, a galvanic isolated and in the range of 0...20mA programmable output signal for the conductivity signal or temperature is available. By a external 24V signal, the current output can be switched between conductivity- and temperature measuring.

Two floating limit or alarm contacts can be set over the entire range. Each is defined as a normally open or as a normally closed contact.

The conductivity meter M3136 uses a universal supply from 20 to 253VAC/DC.

Supply lines and all other lines, either from or to the conductivity meter, are protected by internal noise limiters against HF-noise.