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Portable Micro-Ohmmeter type VG-BAT-x00

  • Battery powered
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Real measuring current  over whole measuring cycle
  • Measures with both sides grounded
  • Sunlight readable 4.3" graphic LCD
  • USB PC-Interface
  • USB logger
  • Thermal printer (optional)
  • Mobile phone control (optional)
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VG-Win Software

Product Details: Portable Micro-Ohmmeter type VG-BAT-x00

The portable micro-ohmmeter VG-BAT-x00 is used for resistance measurements of high power switches etc. The strengths of the instruments are the easy handling, battery powered, rugged design and low weight.

The VG-BAT-x00 enables a real direct current measurement for highest accuracy. The current rises linear for 1 second than holds the preset current for 3 seconds and falls back within another 1 second.

The advanced build-in LiFePO4 battery offers maximum power with excellent safety and outstanding life.

The 4.3" LCD graphic display, enables measurements in darkness, coldness and full sunlight.

Measurement data is saved directly to a USB stick.

The USB PC-Interface is used to control the device or read out the results automatically by computer.

Read out the device history or start a measurement with an Android phone or tablet. Send the data directly to your office.

The VG-BAT-200, with a weight of 5.2kg only, is very handy and easy transportable.

Typical applications are ohmic tests of:

  • Circuit breakers
  • Disconnecting switches
  • High current busbar joints
  • Cable splices
  • Welding joints
  • Ground connections
  • Railway parts

Micro-Ohmmeter Remote Control

The remote control unit is used to control and monitor the VG-BAT-x00. Integrated sense inputs enables remote controlled tests directly on the device under test. A 2-line back lighted LCD-display shows test parameters and results which can be sent to the printer. Three light emitting diodes indicates the status of the test in progress. The housing is waterproof and is specified to DIN40050/IP67.