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Conductivity sensor type M8836S-0.01

  • Field of application: Water, waste water or ultrapure water conditioning
  • internal Pt-100 temperature sensor
  • cell constant K=0.01
  • cell material: stainless steel
  • measurement range: 0µS to 20µS
Data Sheet

Product Details: Conductivity sensor type M8836S-0.01

The conductivity sensor cell M8836S-01 is used for water, waste water and ultra pure water measurements in batch and continuous applications. They are used e.g. in chromatography, water purification fermentation and general chemical processes. The accuracy is 2% in the temperature range of -30...130ºC.

The cell constant K is 0.01 for the measuring range of 0...20µS. The insulating parts are made in stainless steel and leak proofing is guaranteed by chemically resistant O-ring seals. A build in Pt-100 (RTD) temperature sensor enables automatic temperature compensation.