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Microohmmeter remote control type VG-CS-Fern-BT

  • Remote control for all MOSTEC microohmmeters including all legacy models.
  • Quick connect via VG-CS-Fern-BT transmitter dongle
  • Control of instrument via any Android device
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Product Details: Microohmmeter remote control type VG-CS-Fern-BT

Remote control with an Android app: Control your microohmmeter blindfolded - with an Android device familiar to you ...

Permanent new ways of controlling new devices is gone with the new remote control solution of MOSTEC. With the new MOSTEC app you can control your microohmmeter blindfolded without having to learn how to control a new instrument. With the simple transmitter dongle VG-CS-Fern-BT and the free Android app you convert your mobile device or tablet into your microohmmeter.
Just download and install the free app from the Google Play Store to your device. Then plug in the transmitter dongle VG-CS-Fern-BT into the remote plug of your microohmmeter. When you now start the app and connect yourself to the microohmmeter, you will immediately be able to control the microohmmeter with your handheld or tablet.
Even better: the remote control works with MOSTEC instruments as well as with legacy devices such as the VAREG VGCSxxx series.
If your instrument has an installed control code for the Windows software, you can use the full function set of the app.
Further you can email all your measured data with a few clicks as "YourFile.csv" to your office. From there you can directly load the data into a standard spreadsheet program, edit and store it.
See the pictures of some screenshots in the slider above.


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