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Inductive conductivity sensor type M8836Si

  • Field of application: Water, waste conditioning, hydrology, mining etc.
  • internal Pt-100 temperature sensor
  • cell constant K=4.331
  • cell material: PVC or PVDF, stainless steel
  • measurement range: 0,1mS to 2000mS
  • qualified for food industry / sterilizable
Data Sheet

Product Details: Inductive conductivity sensor type M8836Si

The inductive conductivity cell M8836s measures the ohmic value of a liquid without exposing any metallic parts to that measured liquid. That means, the measuring system has no galvanic connection to the liquid.
An integrated transmission coil induces an electric current in the liquid which also flows through a receiving coil to detect the current flow. This current is now proportional to the conductivity of the liquid. The current is low in high ohmic media and high in low impedance liquids.
Because all exposed parts are non metallic, the cell has no polarization effects at all. The media is only in contact with plastic parts and therefore the cell is highly insensitive to moisture and deposits. Cleaning can be done by simple mechanical means, e.g brushing.

A build in Pt-100 platinum temperature sensor in 3-wire connection is used to compensate the temperature coefficient of the media. The cell housing is made in grey PVC, the thread is cylindrical and 1¼” gas with O-ring gasket..
The electronic board is housed in a splash proof aluminum case on top of the cell. The cell generates an output signal of 0...0,5mA for 0...2S, 0...200mS, 0...20mS, or 0...2mS. All four ranges are remote controlled and the supply is 24VDC at ca. 0.6Watt.
Application: Chemical industries, biology, hydrology (surface waters), water desalination, processing of cooling water (steam generators), waste water treatment, mining etc.