Conductivity controller / meter type M2136

  • LED display
  • temperature compensation to 120ºC
  • measurement range: 0...20µS to 0...200mS
  • programmable current or voltage output, switchable for conductivity or temperature
  • power supply 20...254VAC or DC, galvanically isolated
  • 2 limit contacts
  • rail mounting
Operating Instructions
Data Sheet
Software to configure and program the M2136 series.
Product Details

The M2136 conductivity controller is suitable for water, waste water or pure water conditioning in continuous or batch-type operating modes, for liquid chromatography or for general chemical process monitoring.
Temperature coefficient of the cell is compensated either manually or automatically by an external Pt-100 platinum probe within the range of 0°C to 120°C.
Commercially available conductivity cells -K-factor 0.01, 0.1 and 1.0 cover a dynamic range from 0.01µS to 20mS full scale. An internal synchronous rectifier eliminates the capacitive error currents induced by the cell cable.

Optionally, a galvanic isolated and in the range of 0...20mA programmable output signal for the conductivity signal or temperature is available. By a external 24V signal, the current output can be switched between conductivity- and temperature measuring.

Two floating limit or alarm contacts can be set over the entire range. Each is defined as a normally open or as a normally closed contact.

Supply lines and all other lines, either from or to the conductivity meter, are protected by internal noise limiters against HF-noise.