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pH/mV-controller type M3120

  • 2 alarm contacts
  • temperature compensation to 120ºC
  • commercially available conductivity cells with K-Factor 0.01, 0.1, 1.0 and 10 usable
  • 4 digit LCD display, 15mm, color adjustable, optional: 5 digit
  • programmable current or voltage output (optional), switchable for conductivity or temperature
  • buttons to change the alarm contacts
  • universal supply 20...253VAC or DC, galvanic isolated
  • modbus (optional)
  • USB - logger (optional)
  • optical alarm contact
  • rail mounting 35mm
Operating Instructions
Data Sheet
Software to configure and program the M3120 series.

Product Details: pH/mV-controller type M3120

The pH/rH(mV)-controller type M3120 has been developed especially for applications which, until now, could not be monitored and controlled automatically due to cost.

The two-point controller is a basically simple de-vice, consisting of an electrometer amplifier and two floating change-over contacts which are electronically adjustable over the entire measuring range.

 The instrument is used as a simple indicator by connecting electrodes. It has automatic temperature compensation with a Pt-100 platinum sensor and automatic pH-electrode calibration.

The galvanically isolated, programmable signal current output is connected to a remote display, recorder, computer, or any other desirable data sampling device. By using the alarm contacts, the controller activates dosing valves, pumps, alarm devices, etc. The switching relays withstands currents up to 1A. Power supply: Universal supply 20 to 253VAC/DC.

Typical applications for the M3120 controller:

-Simple monitoring with alarm annunciation when the preset threshold settings are exceeded.
-Non-critical controlling in water purification and waste water systems.
-Controller for water conditioning plants or swimming pools.
-Routine monitoring for environmental and pollution control etc.

The choice of probe electrodes for the controllers is not critical, but for each application the appropriate electrode must be chosen. Mostec is willing to evaluate and discuss any special requirements or customizing, independent of the amount of items to be purchased. Please contact us for any additional information or custom specific modification of the instruments.