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Conductivity transmitters

Conductivity sensor type M3836

The M3836 conductivity sensor series suitable for water, waste water or pure water conditioning in continuous or batch-type operating modes, to control concentration in cooling towers or for general chemical process monitoring.

  • Two or 6 electrode probe
  • Stainless steel or titanium electrodes
  • 2 wire loop powered 4...20mA or RS485 Modbus RTU interface
  • Easy configurable
  • Galvanically separated
  • Most MOSTEC sensors attachable
  • Internal high precision temperature compensation
  • Different sensor materials
  • IP67 protected

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Conductivity Transmitter Type M Mostec min

Conductivity transmitter type M2817

The M2817 conductivity transmitter is packed in a polypropylene case. Different conductivity electrodes in stainless steel and graphite are available.

  • direct pipe installation
  • temperature compensation to 80ºC
  • current output, , galvanically isolated
  • qualified for food industry / sterilizable cells

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mostec M Conductivity meter controller min

Conductivity meter / controller type M2436

The M2436 conductivity meter is mounted in a +/-180º turnable, water resistant, plastic housing. Any MOSTEC conductivity cell can be mounted directly to the pipe and is attached to the instruments bottom.

  • direct pipe installation, +/-180º turnable
  • temperature compensation to 130ºC
  • 2 current outputs: for conductivity and temperature
  • qualified for food industry / sterilizable cells

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Inductive conductivity meter controller type Msi PP Mostec d min

Inductive conductivity meter / controller type M2436si-PP

The M2436si-PP Inductive conductivity meter / controller is mounted in a +/-180° turn-able, water resistant, plastic housing. It measures the ohmic resistance of the liquid, without any electric contact to the measuring system. The system is much less fragile to any kind of contamination. As long as the geometry of the sensor remains intact (measurement hole not clogged), the measurement accuracy is not affected.

  • cell built completely in polypropylene (PP)
  • direct pipe installation, +/-180º turn-able
  • temperature compensation up to 80ºC
  • 2 current outputs: one for conductivity and one for temperature
  • qualified for food industry
  • custom specific seal material available

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