Display units
M3329 Universal digital displayUniversal digital displayview ProductDEENFR
M3605 Universal digital displayUniversal digital displayview Product
M3118 Universal digital display / Alarm unitUniversal digital display / Alarm unit typeview ProductDEENFR
Programmable universal digital display type M2229Programmable universal digital display type M2229view ProductDEENFR
M2029 Miniature LED digital displayMiniature LED digital displayview ProductDEENFR
M9605Digital displayview ProductDEENFR
M2129 Dot Matix LED displayDot Matix LED displayview ProductDEENFR
M8725 Digital display for hazardous areasDigital display for hazardous areasview ProductDEENFR
M3036 Conductivity controller with USB loggerConductivity meterview ProductDEENFR
Conductivity Transmitter Type M2817Conductivity transmitterview ProductDEENFR
M2436 Conductivity meter / controllerConductivity controllerview ProductDEENFR
Inductive Conductivity meter M2436si-PEEKInductive Conductivity meterview ProductDEENFR
M3136 Conductivity controller for DIN railsConductivity meter / controller for DIN railsview ProductDEENFR
Conductivity meter / controller type M3329LWConductivity meter / controller for flush mountingview ProductDEENFR
Conductivity controller / meter type M2136Conductivity meter / controller for DIN railsview ProductDEENFR
Conductivity cell sensor type M8836SConductivity sensorview ProductDEENFR
Conductivity sensor type M9836S-C1Conductivity sensorview ProductDEENFR
rH, pH
M3020 pH/rH(mV)-controller with USB loggerpH/mV-controllerview ProductDEENFR
M2120 pH/mV-controller for DIN railspH/mV-controller for DIN railsview ProductDEENFR
Micro-Ohmmeter type VG-CSx00-IIMicro-Ohmmeterview ProductDEENFR
Portable Micro-Ohmmeter type VG-BAT-x00Micro-Ohmmeterview Product
Micro-Ohmmeter type VG-CS SLxx0-IIMicro-Ohmmeterview ProductDEENFR
Microohmmeter remote control type VG-CS-Fern-BTMicroohmmeter remote control Android app type VG-CS-Fern-BTview Product
TLC/22GWTemperature transmitterview ProductDEENFR
M9123Temp. transmitter for hazardous areasview ProductDEENFR
M2135Thermostatview ProductDEENFR
Isolating amplifier
M3042 Multifunctional isolating amplifierIsolating amplifierview ProductDEENFR
M2842 Isolating Amplifier / ConverterIsolation Amplifier / Converterview ProductDEENFR
Isolating Amplifier without supply Type M2931Isolating amplifier without supplyview ProductDEENFR
Isolating amplifier & line conditioner type M8742/22Isolating amplifier jumper setting tableview ProductDEENFR
Alarm units
M3749 Battery Monitoring SystemBattery Monitoring Systemview Product
M3118 Alarm unit for DIN railsAlarm unit for DIN railsview ProductDEENFR
M2118 Alarm unit for DIN railsAlarm unit for DIN railsview ProductDEENFR
Threshold converter type M2218Alarm unit for DIN railsview ProductDEENFR
Load cells
M2428 Load cellLoad cellview ProductDEENFR