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Weight cushion type M2428-15

  • custom made weight cushion, capacity up to 500'000kg
  • made in Ni-Cr steel
  • programmable (with M2428-Data Interface)
  • other types
Manual Mpro
Manual Programming Adapter
Software to configure and program the M2428 series.
USB Driver for M2428 Data Interface

Product Details: Weight cushion type M2428-15

The custom made weight cushion type M2428-15 is made in Ni-Cr steel to a capacity of up to 500'000kg.

The cushion is made for very large axial loads. Large reactors, containers and silos etc. are measured with this low cost, low profile sensor. The sensor generates a signal of 4...20mA for a specified load. Simple construction allows production of the customer specified cushion in low quantities.

A ceramic measuring element with a full bridge strain gage bridge converts loads or forces via the internal pressure of the cushion with the integral electronics into a 4...20mA 2-wire signal. There is no need for a sensitive strain gage amplifier and its calibration. Process control computers, controllers, limit switches or display systems can be easily connected to the sensor. The cushion is water proof and has a common 3-pole solenoid plug.