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Isolating low cost Amplifier / Converter Type M2842

  • Input signals:  0/ 4...20mA, 0...1/ 10V, Pt100, custom specific signals
  • Output signals: 0...1kHz, 0...2kHz
  • Loop powered transmitters do not need an extra power supply and can be connected directly
  • Measuring range directly reprogrammable on site with a notebook
  • Power supply voltage ranges from 20...253VAC/DC, galvanically separated
  • 17.5mm narrow din rail enclosure
Data Sheet
Konfigurationssoftware Mpro

Product Details: Isolating low cost Amplifier / Converter Type M2842

The M2842 low cost isolating amplifier series bring the cost of an analogue input signal down because expensive PLC cards are no longer needed. The convertr can measure almost all known analogue signals (voltage, current, temperature) to a frequency. They are simple programmable with 5 miniature switches and the free Mpro Software from MOSTEC. The output signal is a frequency which is proportional to the input signal.
The instruments have a 3 way galvanic separation of 2.5kV between input / output / supply. The following impulse outputs are standard: NPN, PNP, active signal; all within the voltage range between 5 to 24Vss.

A typical application is the isolation and measurement of a temperature with a pt-100 probe. Possibly all your PLC analogue inputs are used up, so you can measure the output frequency of the M2842 with a simple digital input and therefore avoid to attach another analogue card. Like this, you save the whole card for a single temperature measurement. Because the instrument has a built in tree way galvanic separation, there is also no need for a galvanic separation to avoid a possible ground loop.

The instrument has 16 preprogrammed measuring ranges which can be selected with the miniature switches on the side. With the free Mpro software the instrument can be reprogrammed within the range of the instruments specifications. If you order the instrument at MOSTEC, the instrument will be programmed and labeled to your requested range.

Selectable standard ranges:

Input signals: 0…1V, 0…10V, 0…20mA, 4…20mA, -50…300˚C, -30…170˚C, 0…100˚C
Output signals: 0…1kHz und 0…2kHz, higher frequencies on request.

Universal power supply from 20 to 253VAC/DC, galvanic 3-way separation