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pH/rH(mV)-controller type M3020

  • Back lighted graphic display
  • Programmable
  • Temperature compensation up to 120ºC
  • USB data logger
  • 2 limit contacts
  • Alarm function with change-over contact
  • Programmable signal current output  0...20mA, galvanically isolated
  • Power supply 20...253VAC/DC, galvanically isolated
  • Compact dimensions
  • Flush mounting 96x96mm
  • Optionally: Voltage output, galvanically isolated
  • Optionally: Up to 5 change-over contacts
  • Optionally: RS485 interface
  • Optionally: IP66 protection
Operating Instructions
Data Sheet
Software to configure and program the M3020 series.

Product Details: pH/rH(mV)-controller type M3020

The highly compact pH/rH(mV)-controller with USB logger type M3020 has been developed for simple process control and monitoring applications in electrometry. The back lighted graphic display is readable from distance and enables self explaining activation of the functions.

Basically, the instrument is a simple two-point controller, consisting of an electrometer amplifier and two floating change-over contacts which are adjustable over the entire measuring range and the two change-over contact are used e.g. for alarm units, metering valves and pumps, etc.

A graphic display continuously indicates the actual value, temperature and instrument status. 4 LEDs informs about the status of the change-over contacts, temperature and alarm.

The wide range power supply, from 20 to 253VAC/DC, supplies the instrument. A pH-sensor only is needed for minimal operation.

The temperature compensation of the pH-signal can be set to manual or external. A Pt-100 platinum temperature sensor in the reactor compensates the pH-signal. Broken sensor wires are indicated immediately and this error condition activates the alarm contact. Alarm settings are programmable.

The instrument settings can be protected with an access code. A USB memory stick, used as a data logger on the back of the instrument, may log all values. Optional, a signal current output with galvanic isolation is available.

The choice of probe electrodes for the controller isn't critical, but for each application the appropriate sensor must be selected. Analogue und digital sensors can be used. The electrode can be calibrated anytime with the user friendly menu.

Typical applications:
Simple monitoring with alarm annunciation when the preset thresholds are exceeded. The controller is used for routine monitoring of environmental, pollution and other applications.