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pH/rH(mV)-controller type M4020

  • 3.5" IPS touch screen
  • 2 programmable signal current outputs 0/4...20mA, galvanically isolated
  • 2 programmable relay contacts
  • 1 programmable alarm relay contact
  • Modbus RTU slave
  • Modbus RTU master for external M3720 pH amplifier
  • Temperature compensation up to 120°C
  • USB data logger
  • Wide range power supply 20...253VAC/DC, galvanically isolated
  • Compact dimensions
  • Panel mounting 96x96mm
  • Optional: Voltage outputs, galvanically isolated
  • Optional: Up to 5 change-over relay contacts
  • Optional: Modbus RTU Master for external mini M3720 pH-amplifier
  • Optional: IP66 protection
  • Optional: Custom software modifications
Data Sheet
Configuration software Mpro for the M4020 series

Product Details: pH/rH(mV)-controller type M4020

The highly compact pH/rH(mV)-controller type M4020 has been developed for simple automation process control and monitoring applications. The ultra-bright touchscreen display is easy to read even from a distance, can be operated smoothly and enables intuitive and uncomplicated use.

The actual value, the current temperature and the instrument status are constantly displayed.

Basically, the instrument is a two-point controller, consisting of an electrometer amplifier and two floating change-over contacts which are adjustable over the entire measuring range. The two limit contacts can be set electronically over  the entire range. Alarm devices, dosing valves, dosing pumps, etc. are usually controlled with the limit contacts.

The device is supplied with a galvanically isolated wide range power supply from 20 to 253VAC/DC and, as a pure measuring device, only needs a pH probe to be operational.

The temperature compensation of the pH-signal can either be done manually or by an external Pt-100 sensor. A defective P1-100 sensor or a brocken sensor wire immediately triggers an alarm. The conditions for triggering the alarm can be freely programmed.

The instrument settings can be protected with an access code. A USB memory stick, used as a data logger on the back of the instrument, may log all values. Two programmable, galvanically isolated signal outputs are available.

The choice of the probes is not critical in terms of the device, but the right probe should be selected for each application. The probe can be calibrated at any time via the user-friendly menu.
For long electrode lines or users who want to calibrate their electrodes in the laboratory, the device can be converted to Modbus RTU Master and operated with the M3720 pH amplifier. This eliminates the need for on-site calibration, while the probes can be calibrated in the laboratory.
Typical areas of application:
Simple monitoring with alarm triggering when limit values are exceeded, routine monitoring in environmental protection, etc.