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Platform Scale type M2428-09

  • output 4...20mA, 2-wire techniques
  • 24VDC Power Supply
  • tare function (optional)
  • programmable (with M2428-Data Interface)
  • other types
Data Sheet
Manual Mpro
Manual Programming Adapter
Software to configure and program the M2428 series.
USB Driver for M2428 Data Interface

Product Details: Platform Scale type M2428-09

The platform scale is used in content measuring for liquid gas bottles to monitor the remaining gas. The parallel bending beam consists of a strain gage sensor with integrated electronics to convert the weight to a 4...20mA signal. Optionally it's possible to tare the platform scale from outside with a simple permanent magnet in the range of 0...30% of full weight.

There is no need to use external, sensitive strain gage amplifiers or signal conditioning devices. The cell connects directly to any 2-wire sensor input of process control computers or other control equipment and displays. The bending beam confirms to class IP67 an is delivered with open cable ends.

Any range within the measuring range can be programmed with an M2428-Data Interface. E.g. 50kg to 200kg = 4 to 20mA within a calibrated range of 0 to 200kg.

370 x 370 x 60mm, or on customers request

It is possible to tare the M2428-09 in the range of 0...30% of full scale from outside with a simple permanent magnet. Within this tare range the full measuring range remains available.